Our new project: '54 series 1 107"

Posted by Don MacDonald on Tue, May 1, '18

In Land Rover, Series 1 107 Truck Build

Since today marks the 70th Anniversary of Land Rover, it seems like the perfect time to announce our next Rovalution owned project, a very rare 1954 Land Rover Series 1 107" Pick-Up.

We found this historical rarity a few weeks ago at the Rover Landers Founders' Day event in Chilliwack, BC. After talking with the owner, we knew we had to get our hands on this Series 1, green pick-up and we purchased it from him right there on the spot for the asking price. 

The next day, arriving on a flat bed truck, the 1954 Land Rover Series 1 rolled into the shop on it's own power, starting without much event or issue and slid neatly into it's new home, the Rovalution Project Shop.

The Rovalution team was immediately drooling all over the truck and coming up with ideas left and right on how we can do this amazing piece of history, justice. 

Originally (and traceable) from West Vancouver here in BC only a few kilometres away from the shop, the '54 Land Rover was bought as a work truck for an estate in the now British Properties. There it stayed for decades, helping it's owners tend to their grounds, run errands to the local shops and more. Fitted with the original 2.0L petrol type engine, 4 speed transmission and selectable 4 wheel drive and transfer case, the Land Rover is still unstoppable on most any terrain.

This truck, while in need of some TLC, has no rust on the frame, has the original leaf springs and drum brakes and is number 165 of only 1,200 built in the world, with even fewer being of this left hand drive variant.

We're thrilled to begin work on this project and plan a full restoration including complete disassembly of all bodywork, stripping all the metal bare, prepping and galvanizing the frame and of course, repainting in an original Land Rover colour of the period.

We've also began the process of acquiring a certificate from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, which should be able to provide us with original factory documentation on the vehicle.

We're so excited to begin this project! 

Happy 70th Land Rover.